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Environmental Litigation

The attorneys of Burhenn & Gest have represented clients in environmental litigation for over 30 years. Burhenn & Gest regularly represents clients in Federal and State court in:

  • Contaminated Property Matters (CERCLA, California Hazardous Substance Account Act, private cost recovery and nuisance actions)
  • Water Quality Matters (Clean Water Act, citizen suits, regulatory challenges)
  • Proposition 65 (California Proposition 65 compliance and defense)
  • Writ Proceedings and Permit Challenges (CEQA, regulatory permit and rulemaking challenges)
  • Administrative Proceedings (Regulatory, permit and variance proceedings, rulemaking proceedings, adjudicative proceedings)
  • Unfunded State Mandate Matters (Filing test claims with the Commission on State Mandates; filing and obtaining parameters and guidelines for payment of test claims; court challenges to Commission actions for obligations imposed under regulatory permits)