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Environmental Law

As a firm that specializes in environmental law, Burhenn & Gest routinely represents clients in:

  • Water Quality Matters (Clean Water Act; NPDES and stormwater permit development and compliance; California State Water Board and Regional Water Board orders and permits; administrative civil liability and penalty proceedings, Total Maximum Daily Loads; federal and California water law compliance advice)
  • Air Quality Matters (Local, state and federal air quality rule compliance; variances; abatement actions; permit compliance, mobile sources)
  • Environmental Regulatory Matters (RCRA and California environmental waste regulations; OSHA law and regulations; Proposition 65 compliance)
  • Environmental Aspects of Business Transactions (Real estate and corporate environmental due diligence; transactional document drafting)
  • Environmental Aspects of Development (CEQA/NEPA compliance issues; California Coastal Commission issues; wetlands; endangered species)
  • Administrative Proceedings (Regulatory permit and variance proceedings, rulemaking proceedings, adjudicative proceedings)